Singing "The Holy City" in Singapore

I was so glad I was able to be in Singapore for Kunjam Anna, my eldest Aunt's 90th Birthday this summer of 2011. She was a powerful soprano in her heyday and this was one of her signature songs. It was a privilege to attempt to sing it for her at this major milestone.

A wonderful anthem, for peace, hope and joy in that troubled cradle of great religions, and symbol of a heavenly haven and sanctuary for all, Jerusalem: A new Jerusalem, where all who would might enter and no one was denied.

A heaven where all children can sing with the angels and where our loved ones who have gone on ahead of us are whole, hale and happy, dancing free!

Special thanks to Jibby Jacob for recording this, to Roberto De Simone for uploading it onto my website and to Serene Padman my chedathi for the wonderful accompaniment. There is a lag with the sound and the images in the middle, looks like a bad case of lip synching. Sorry. Something to do with the cutaways from me to the audience which caused it. I assure you it's me and it's recorded live!