Chacko Vadaketh

Hey there, I’m Chacko Vadaketh. I’m an actor and mc working and living in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles.

MALAYSIAN lawyer turned actor of Indian/Syrian Christian descent, Chacko got hooked on acting as an undergraduate at Cambridge University playing Othello and Siddhartha and in a musical pantomime at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

A versatile character and comic actor who loves music theatre, he has a rich baritone-bass singing and speaking voice. Was on Singapore TV as Sabo Singh in popular sitcom Mr Kiasu, he has guested on series like Growing Up, Living With Lydia and The Others playing roles from fiersome Prosecutor to mournful ghost.

Currently based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Much love,


 SpokenWordClub Cologne Germany 2016

SpokenWordClub Cologne Germany 2016