In Rules of Engagement

Chacko will be appearing in this hit sitcom on CBS primetime 8.30pm Monday Oct 4, 2010.

It was great fun shooting on the lot at Sony Pictures (formerly Columbia Pictures).  So much cinematic history there! Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour Hoffman were shooting on different sound stages too. Very cool!

They treated me very well, had my own room, and of course the food was amazing and endless! Awesome to be part of a fun show for 3 days. Clever script, it's broad comedy, and so nice to hear laughter all the time, keeps everyone chirpy and friendly.

My characther, Ravi owns a rugstore, and Megan Price and Patrick Warburton's characters want to buy a new rug from me. Apart from owning a carpet shop, I happen to be the  on screen uncle of Timmy, played by series regular, Adhir Kalyan.