BoboKL presents: Made In America

by TerryandTheCuz
featuring Douglas Lim & Gavin Yap


In countries all over the world, very different people share the same dream: The American Dream. They don’t just want to live like Americans: they want to BE AMERICAN. After decades of absorbing American pop culture, two Malaysian screenwriters set out to write the perfect American film but which is it? The liberal-arthouse-movie which America needs or the white-savior-summer-action blockbuster movie which it wants?

Low on sleep, high on caffeine and short on time, these two dreamers must find common ground quickly if they are to achieve their pursuit of identity, fame and fortune.

Can these two Malaysians convince America that they are more American than apple pie? It’s go time! Take me out to the ball game and bring the rain! USA! USA! USA! MADE IN AMERICA is a collaboration between artists from Malaysia and Australia about America.

The season at BOBO KL will be an exclusive preview to the world premiere season and will feature some of Malaysia’s most distinguished theatre talents.

This project is generously supported by The Australia Council for the Arts, Brahmal Vasudevan & Shanthi Kandiah, The Consulate General of Australia (New York) and The Consulate General of Malaysia (New York).

CONTENT WARNING: MADE IN AMERICA contains adult content, including: prop firearms, gunshot sounds, violence, explicit language, and simulated sex. The performance will extend beyond the stage, and some guests will be asked to move during the show.

Concept/Design/Direction: TerryandTheCuz
Written by: TerryandTheCuz, Martin Blum, Mark Winter & Chris Ryan
Performed by: Douglas Lim & Gavin Yap
Sound: Michael Toisuta with J. David Franzke
Costumes: Heather Stanley
Musical Direction: Nish Tham
Choreography: Summer Gan