At the International Gourmet Festival

Ishq is reminiscent of an eating haven straight out of an Arabian nights fable. Solid matte wooden floors complement the array of colourful cushions which adorn the old-fashioned wicker chairs. A lovely water feature runs through the restaurant and adds a touch of blithe, just as, in a similar vein, the mixed collection of tableware lends a festive air to the eatery.

The Dine Around Dinner at Ishq saw guests bursting with anticipation and excitement at the thought of sampling some of the finest Indian/Indochinese victuals in town. The radiant Chef Orathai Srianekkhun was also on hand to welcome diners, infusing warmth and joy with her infectious smile and effortless charm.

Many of the guests were very taken with the dinner for the night. “It’s been an interesting fusion of food. I really liked the presentation of the dishes, in terms of the assortment of colours and the way it was arranged,” said the lively television personality, Chacko Vadaketh.

Others were simply blown away by some of the spectacular dishes on offer. “It’s been a very interesting combination of different flavours from around the region, but I must say that I had an especial affinity for the Kai Takrai dish. I liked the lemongrass in it and found the overall flavour to be something that one seldom encounters,” said Peter Tham.

The Gang Jeud Look Geaw soup was also a pleasant surprise for many. The Executive Chairman of Beneton Properties Sdn Bhd, Datuk Chan Sau Lai said “I quite enjoyed the soup. It had a very nice taste.” He went on to say “It’s been a wonderful evening!”

The Patiala Shahi Chicken also seemed to garner a wide fan base, with many raving about it ceaselessly. “I really enjoyed the chicken. It was very tender and tasty,” said the gorgeous Roberto de Simone, who hails from Germany. His views were echoed by Director of RBK Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Ramli Kalam, who was bountiful in his praise. “The chicken was smooth and the gravy was very good as well,” he said.

Actor and former beauty queen, Ms Jasmina Jacinta Lee was simply elated with the Grilled Salmon with Golden Chilli Paste Sauce. “The salmon was very good – it was tender, juicy and brimming with varied flavours,” she said. Another self-confessed salmon lover was Zulbahrin Ahmad who said “I really liked the salmon. The sauce was simply delicious!” he exclaimed. He went on to commend the chef for the fabulous dinner, saying “The chef has really done a great job.”

But it was the elegant, perennially wellmannered Governing Director of Jedecadi Sdn Bhd, Mr Jeremy Diamond who said it best when he described the dinner as “a marriage of flavours, one where each dish was interesting, tasty and completely unique.”